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Welcome to GrowinBag™ by Growinnovate

A family owned and operated global leader in horticulture supplies, we empower growers and nurseries worldwide with exceptional, innovated planting solutions that enhance plant health and increase productivity. By reducing landfill waste, minimising environmental impact and increasing carbon capture.

You may know us as GrowinBag the trusted supplier of high - quality planters to the US for over 25 years.

We designed and manufactured the original GrowinBag™ and now sell our market leading planter bag in over 20 countries.

Why Growinnovate?

We recently rebranded from GrowinBag to Growinnovate. With a global footprint and growing business we wanted to bring our global presence into alignment with the unrivalled qualities we're renowned for- innovation, sustainability, quality and service.

There came a time for us, being a thriving global company, to align our name and logo with our mission and future vision. This had led to the creation of our new brand name, Growinnovate, and a bold new look.

Growinnovate, a global leader in horticulture innovation

Our new business name, Growinnovate, together with our new brand direction aligns our position in market as the established leader of sustainable, quality products that brings unrivalled knowledge and passion. The many qualities that have contributed to our strong global reputation are now represented in our new brand identity and name.

GrowinBag #1 choice for quality, eco-friendly grow bags worldwide

Standing alone as leaders in the field, GrowinBag™ by Growinnovate remains the #1 choice for quality, eco- friendly grow bags, delivering innovative horticulture solutions that are designed to enhance plant health and boost growth, year-around. 

Growinnovate - Growing a Greener Tomorrow.

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