About us

 #1 choice for quality, eco-friendly grow bags in the industry!

Growinnovate™ is an international distributor of GrowinBag™, an Australian designed grow bag invented by a family owned company, who have manufactured GrowinBagfor more than 25 years.

Our GrowinBags are made from top quality prime virgin materials and have been tested in the harshest climates. All components, including sewing thread, are UV stabilized for durability and extra strength handles for easy maneuverability. GrowinBag™ has special root pruning qualities that will promote a healthier, more fibrous root system and prevent root circling within the bag. Substrate (potting mix) in the grow bags can be controlled and kept free from ground contaminants, and planting with GrowinBag™ will save you water.

With more than 25 million GrowinBags sold in over 20 countries, you can be confident that GrowinBag™ is the reliable choice for all our customers over many years world wide.

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