How to grow organic potatoes easily and successfully with Easy-Fill ™ Grow Bag.

Join us… let's learn how to grow your own harvest of organic potatoes with Easy-Fill™ grow bags.

Make no excuses... you don't need acres of land; your balcony or small patio is perfect for you to plant a decent harvest of organic potatoes that you can enjoy from harvest to plate.

It is recommended that you plant potato seeds between the months of February - May, and they can be harvested between the months of August - October.

So, there is plenty of time to get started.

 What materials do you need?

  • 15 Gallon Easy-Fill™ grow bag or larger if you have the space
  • 3 or 4 seed potato pieces
  • Soil, substrate or compost mix approx. 15 gallons
  • Water

In just FOUR quick steps you can easily plant potatoes at home

  • Purchase the seed potato pieces from your local Garden Center.
  • Use the Easy-Fill™ grow bag and apply a layer of about 4 - 6 inches of the soil, substrate or compost mix (it will occupy around 1/3 of the grow bag).
  • Place the seed potatoes on top of the soil. It is important to be sure that you place the seed potatoes apart from each other.
  • Cover the seed potatoes with approximately 3 inches of soil mix. Water the bag on a regular basis to maintain that it is just moist to the touch.  Continue adding soil as the plants grow until the bag is full.


Follow our easy tips to ensure your harvest.

Keep the soil moist, but be careful not to OVER WATER as an excess of water makes the seed potatoes watery and also encourages the appearance of fungi.

The moment the first flowers appear, means we are on the right track. Well done! The potato is beginning to form under the ground.

Don't be hasty and give the plant time to dry naturally ( this signals the harvest is near).

When you see that the plant has completely dried up, this is the moment you’ve being waiting for! Now… tip the bag on its side and dump the contents contained in the bag to collect your harvest.

Important Tip: You can wash and dry your Easy-Fill™ grow bag and store for the next harvest.  The bags are re-usable and 100% recyclable.


The dark colour of the bag captures solar heat to speed the early growth of the seed potatoes.  Grow bags are simple to use and offer an impressive yield. 

If you want to try growing your own organic potato crop, contact us and we will send you a free sample:

Good luck and enjoy your harvest.

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