Hydroponic cultivation can yield double or more fruits

Traditionally, blueberries were harvested in soil. However, today there is a new popular trend used amongst farmers as a cost-effective alternative to planting blueberries, hydroponic cultivation.

Hydroponic cultivation can yield double or more fruits compared to crops planted in soil.

According to the article published by the internet portal *, on March 25th, 2020, on the growing trend of hydroponic blueberry crops, it highlights that the yield per square meter when growing hydroponically can be up to 5 times higher than the yield in open field production.

Testimony from our client, Nicky Mann, of Roses2 Go Pty Ltd, on the east coast of Australia, concludes that:

“In a good year the field growers harvest around 250 gr/plant, the second year 500gr / plant and in the third year 1 kg/plant. For us, the first year of hydroponic cultivation we produce 1Kg / plant, in the second year 5 kg/plant and the third year 10 kg/plant ¨ **

As a consequence, hydroponic cultivation increases the quality and quantity of the product, and it is also a solution that requires a smaller area for production, thereby easily adapted to areas subject to desertification or climate change.

Plus, you can rest assured that your crops will last for many years when you plant in grow bags, such as GROWinBAG™ They have been tried and tested for over 25 years in extreme climates of North America and Australia.

Water-savings: up to a 15% reduction of water is needed when compared to using plastic containers.

GROWinBAG™ bags are manufactured with additional side drainage holes which assist in air root pruning, promoting superior plant growth and preventing root circling within the grow bag.

Long durability and resistance: with UV in all its components.

Take advantage and double your blueberry harvest!


* ¨Blueberry used to be an extensive crop, but is becoming more and more intensive.",, 25 march 2020.
** Nicky Mann, ¨Is this the way forward?¨, Protected Cropping Australia, Australia 6 may 2016

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